Friday, May 21, 2010


As you may have seen on Facebook I was selling my beloved couch set. James and I bought that set before we were even married. We saved FOREVER to pay it all off. I was so proud of us for making such an "adult"/ "old married couple" purchase, at the time it was so exciting. On a whim I decided it was time for a change. No real reason other than boredom {i'm learning my boredom can get me into trouble... please see "buggy gets a buzz cut" post for further examples} but now I am so glad I did. As much as I loved those couches I am so excited to see them go to a new home {you rock, Elyse!} and now i LOVE the way our place turned out....

When I decided to redecorate I decided I was going to not spend anymore $$ than what I sold our couch set for. In order to do that I was going to have to look at thrift stores and craigslist (insert gasps of horror from the audience) to really make my living room complete...That is exactly what I did! Let me tell you I will NEVER pay full price for furniture again!! I am addicted to thrift stores and I am going garage sale-ing tomorrow... I am a changed woman...


{Teal Chair}... Originally $90 at Salvation Army. They said if the date said "April" on the tag it was 75% off... guess what it said.... 4/30 baby... HOLLA!! We got the chair for $20! the guy who sold it to us kept saying how "interesting" (with a creepy eyebrow raise) it was...he OBVIOUSLY didnt have my same vision. (I will admit, however, that after the top layer of dirt was steam cleaned off it was quite a bit BRIGHTER than i was expecting)

{Fricken Rad Couch}... $100 on Craigs List. The brown pillows I already had. The teal and orange pillows $2 at salvation army (all together)

{Accessories}...(please note the chubby little boy with one slipper on who insists on being in these pictures but cries any time i am actually trying to take a picture of him...punk)The rug: $20 from ikea. The curtains $60 from World Market. Miscellaneous decorations from home goods and world market.

{Our Bedroom}...Just for fun

{Cutest Boy Ever}... not for sale!!!


Julianna Morlet said...

love the remodel! cant wait for lunch tomorrow :)

Travis Tingley said...

btw is em signed in as trav :)