Friday, May 21, 2010


{ok side note I KNOW I haven't been blogging lately but in my pitiful excuse defense half of my space bar is stuck. ok way lamer when said out loud...but seriously its enough to drive any blogger crazy when thisishoweverything youwrite turns out unless you FORCE that fricken bar of death DOWN... i digress... on with my story}

Yesterday my best friend Shandra and I took our babies out for a whole day of fun. First we took the kids to the orange groves to shoot some pictures. That ended up in somewhat of a disaster. first,there were no   oranges AT ALL. Then it was hotter that fricken heck out there with horrible shadows everywhere... that makes for grumpy babies and crappy pictures and therefore tired mamas... it truly is like balancing a chemistry equation :-) Anyways I did manage to capture a few cute snapshots:


 Shandra and I met when we were both first pregnant. Its funny our pastors wife, Ann, introduced us and said "You have to meet Shandra I just know you will be great friends" She was so right. She is one of the girls that not only i connect with purely just in superficial interests (shopping, photography, shopping, going for walks, shopping, party planning, decorating, shopping) but that  I love diving into the mysteries of God with. I always have such a great time with her. We have such a special bond because of going through our first pregnancy together, sharing the joys (and trials) of becoming a mommy, and now to see our babies play and share puffs in the back seat is SO cool... we love spending time with you Shears family... we love you!!

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