Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Bug A. licious update: our little  man is five months old now! He has had some major accomplishments lately... The biggest one would be that we finally caved in and tried the torture "cry it out" method at bedtime... I was so nervous and truly to think about the possible scarring and traumatizing my son was about to endure. (I may be a little dramatic) But now that I am working full time I need my beauty sleep (for the sake of my patients haha). So the first night was a little  rough, really not bad tough. Since then he has slept through the night completely! SERIOUSLY?? five months of no sleep and this it all it took?? Oh geez... Lesson learned!

the little man also has TWO new bottom teeth, he looks so cute... They are crooked! Boy does it hurt when he bites!
lately when eli is upset we hae been singing to him... the little man had no idea that his parents had quite the repetoire of songs, but to our utter diasppointment the ONLY song that calms him down is that little gem, "I've been working on the Railroad"... Ok really?? Who the H%^@ is Dinah anyways?? ughhh... this song has become the bain of my existance, although i do have to say James and I have a mean harmony going with the "fee-fi-fiddly-i-oh"  part
Work Update: I can honestly say I LOVE MY JOB! that is so rare these days, I feel extremely blessed. We were forced to take a furlough day every other week which means I only work 36 hours a week! Its obviously a little bit of a financial hit but I am so glad to have one more day with my men! I am learning so much each day I work. I feel like it is growing me as a person, as a christian, as a mom, and a wife. I see so much sadness but it is so awesome that I get to be a LITTLE part of maybe turning some of that around. I may ask my preceptor a million questions, I may look like an idiot sometimes because everything is so new, I may not be a good nurse yet, BUT if I can reassure a scared mom, or bathe an ailing elderly woman, or bring hope to a man who can't move anything but his head than I feel like I am succeeding. I feel like I am right where I need to be... Its hard not being with my loves all the time like it used to be, but if this is how it has to be i am totally fine with it. Don't get me wrong: sometimes when I am collecting a sputum sample or cleaning an incontinent patient or have to hold a baby down for a procedure I take to step back and think, "is this really what I do all day??" sometimes its not glorious. a lot of days I feel as though I haven't helped anyone... each shift gets better...

Update on Mr. Doezie: I am so lucky to have this amazing man in my life! He is my strength... My everything. We just transitioned to another local church and I can honestly say it was the MOST Heartwrenching things we have ever gone through both indiviually and as a couple. I feel like Rancho Community is going to be a good fit and its nice meeting new people but every sunday morning there is this small twinge of pain in our hearts for what we feel is missing with Lambs. On a happier note, James starts Azusa Pacific in a couple weeks! He never received an accredited high school diploma and is the first person in his family to go to college... I  couldn't be more proud of him! He is so excited!


Lindsay said...

I love your blog! you're so funny! Keep up the good work mama! :)

Cara said...

Super cute Kristen. I love the blog and I am so happy that you guys are doing well.

Baby Mama said...

Love the new look of the blog! you are so talented!! Ok, i seriously need to try the cry it out method with Arabella because she is ALMOST 2 and still does not usually sleep through the night!
your pictures are so awesome, please tell me how you edit them and add the pretty stuff and words??
glad you are liking your new job!!

travis and hayley said...

hey kristen! sorry i haven't had a chance to write you back. blogging is such a different world and it is fun to hear from people i don't know who come across my blog. thanks for your sweet words.
we have a canon 50D and the lens i use the most is a 50mm 1.8. i think the biggest tip i could give you is to try to keep you iso as low as possible and adjust the shutter speed to allow you to do so. taking good pictures seems to be a lot about learning about lighting and learning how to create moments to capture.
i love it that your husband is a worship leader. what church are you guys a part of? my husband always love to connect with other worship leaders.
hope you are doing well!