Friday, January 1, 2010


2009: finished nursing school. took the state boards. got my RN license. had ELIJAH JAMES. hubby got a job at yardhouse. quit claim jumper. hubby's parents separated. interviews up the wahzoo. hubby's parents got back together. left our home church [the most overwhelming decision either of us has ever made... ever]. started at Rancho Community. hubby starts bachelors program. i start working full-time. hubby offered part-time worship-leading positon at rancho... {and those are just the highlights}

I know this past year has been one of difficulty and turmoil for most people in America and I know how immeasurably blessed we are. but man, this has been a tough year... James and I are waiting, waiting, waiting for what the Lord has for us. praying that we are in His will and accomplishing the things He has called us to. I never pictured myself as a working mom and as much as i am in love with my work it doesn't fulfill me the way my family does. i thank god every morning i get up at 4:00 am that he has allowed me to have a job so I can contribute right now... its still hard. ughh... I am so ready for 2010! bring it on baby...  {so glad i got that blubbering out of my system}

ok so i have never been one for resolutions, so lets call these my futile attempt to be productive goals:

1.) love more: i want to serve regularly and be more connected to those  in need. this also carries over to more patience for my patients, seeing as they are the least, last, and the lost when they visit me in the ER.

2.) be a better wife: dont even know where to start with this one. I love my husband so much yet so many times i greet him with my scowly face or give him the eye roll of death the moment he says something that doesn't meet me standard. I want him to come home to the wife he married. the one who had dinner ready for him... and clipped coupons... and always looked nice... and always had some lovin' for him...

3.) put more effort into buggy: i feel like i use the excuse "he doesn't understand yet" to justify my lack of parenting with my sweets. and while he may not be the brightest buld in the box there yet, i can sure be implementing in him the traits i know the Lord would want me to instill in him.

4.) be more proactive/ procastinate less: not off to the world's greatest start considering it is 3:00pm and my son is still in his jammies, teeth and hair not brushed, and he smells like an easter egg on labor day...  

5.) really get to know my camera: i want some flippin sweet shots man

6.) learn to sew: any takers??i have so many ideas and drool over all the different blogs i read I need to get down and dirty and just make something already

7.) go on a REAL vacation: just me and the hubs.get on a jet plane. with luggage (my beautiful louis vuitton luggage that i only used in post-partum at the hospital). someplace exotic. one day.

8.) learn more spanish: 85% of my patients speak spanish. enough said.

9.) be a better nurse: there is so much i have to learn. I never want to grow stagnant in my learning. I want to push myself for new experiences.

10.) get preggo: woop woop! {considering posts 3&4 i'll be surprised if the hubbs will agree with this goal}

happy new year!


Heather said...

Aww... your picture is sooo cute!
You did a great job with this post, I always love reading what you have to say. Eli is getting so big, but don't stress too hard yet... you have plenty of time for that.

S said...

Kristen (Westbrook) Doezie! You still make me laugh. I love the commentary on the pumpkin patch!! haha. I'm so glad to see that you, James, and Eli are enjoying life and doing so well! And... Eli is SO cute!
-Steph Gaskins